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General Order 95


Section IV


Strength Requirements for All Classes of Lines


44       Safety Factors


The safety factors specified in these rules are the minimum allowable ratios of ultimate strengths of materials to the maximum working stresses, except that:


The safety factors for structural materials other than wood (towers, poles and crossarms) shall be applied as specified in Rules 48.2 , 48.3A , and 48.3B, and

The safety factors for wood members in bending shall be applied to longitudinal tension and compression as ratios of the moduli of rupture to the maximum working stresses.


The maximum working stresses used with these safety factors shall be the maximum stresses which would be developed in the materials under the construction arrangement with temperature and loadings as specified in Rule 43 .


Note:      Revised March 30, 1968 by Decision No. 73813 and February 13, 1974 by Decision No. 82466.


44.1 Installation and Reconstruction
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44.2 Additional Construction
44.3 Replacement

44.4 Cooperation