Change List for this Rule


General Order 95


Section IV


Strength Requirements for All Classes of Lines


44.2    Additional Construction


Any entity planning the addition of facilities that materially increase vertical, transverse or longitudinal loading on a structure shall perform a loading calculation to ensure that the addition of the facilities will not reduce the safety factors below the values specified by 44.3.  Such entity shall maintain these pole loading calculations for ten years and shall provide such information to authorized joint use pole occupants and the Commission upon request.


Note:   For the purpose of Rule 44.2, a material increase in load is an addition which increases the load on a structure by more than five percent per installation, or ten percent over a 12-month span, of the electric utilityís or Communication Infrastructure Providerís current load. 


Note:     Added August 20, 2009  by Decision No. 09-08-029 and revised January 12, 2012 by Decision No. 12-01-032