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General Order 95


Section IV


Strength Requirements for All Classes of Lines

47.3 End Supports in Grades “A” or “B” Construction

In Grades “A” or “B” construction the longitudinal load on each end support of crossings, conflicts or joint use, where located in lines of the same grade of construction, shall be taken as the unbalanced load equal to the tension of one–third of the total number of conductors (not including overhead ground wires), such one–third of the conductors being so selected as to produce the maximum stress in the supports. If the application of the above results in the fractional part of a conductor, the nearest whole number of conductors shall be used. The construction of the supports (including poles, structures, towers, crossarms, pins, insulators, conductor fastenings and guys) shall be such as to withstand at all times the load specified with a safety factor at least equal to unity. Excluded from the requirements of this rule, where Grade “B” construction is required, are Class L lines crossing minor railways and conductor fastenings of Class C circuits crossing major railways.

Note:      Revised February 5, 2014 by Decision No. 14-02-015.