Agreement for Moving Services

In addition to other items, the Agreement shows:

o  The carrier’s name, the PUC license number (T-number), address, and telephone number where you can reach him or her.

o  The address and telephone number where the carrier can contact you about the move.

o  The location where your goods are being moved.

o  The date of loading or pickup and the preferred date of delivery.

o  A summary description of the move (i.e., a general description of the items to be included or excluded and services to be provided).

o  The declared value of your goods.

o  The rates upon which the charges are based and any minimums the carrier may have.

o  The Not To Exceed Price, which is the highest charge that may be assessed for the various services to be performed, plus any additional charges requested on a Change Order.

o  The carrier is required to complete the Agreement (except for the Not To Exceed Price), sign it, and give it to you no less that three days before the day of the move, unless arrangements to move are made less than three days in advance of the moving date or you agree to waive the requirement.  This gives you time to review it and ask for an explanation of any unclear items.  For example, if you are moving on a Saturday, you should get the Agreement on Wednesday.  Before your move begins, the carrier must fill in the Not to Exceed Price on the Agreement, and both you and the carrier must sign it.


Weighing Your Goods