If You Have Loss or Damage

If your goods are lost or damaged, be sure you describe such loss and damage by making notations on the carrier’s shipping order or freight bill.  If the driver refuses, you should report this fact and the condition of the articles in writing to the home office of the carrier.  Neither of these actions constitute filing a claim, but are made to support a claim to be filed later, as described below.

If you intend to file a claim for loss or damage to your goods, be aware that one of the required documents in support of your claim is a copy of the paid freight bill.  This means that before you may file a claim with the carrier for loss of or damage to your goods, you must pay the carrier for all charges due for transportation services.  This is because the handling and settlement of a loss or damage claim is a matter separate from the performance of and payment for the transportation service itself.  If you do not pay the transportation charges, the carrier my not honor your claim.


How to File a Claim