Inventory Report

An inventory (or inventory report) is a list of items and their current condition.  When the carrier arrives to pick up your goods, you may request an inventory of all articles you want shipped.  A complete and specific inventory report is a business-like procedure for you and the carrier.  While common for distance moves, an inventory report is not normally prepared for hourly moves.  Be aware that if yours is an hourly move, you may be charged for the time that it takes to prepare the inventory report.

In preparing the inventory list of your furniture and other goods, the carrier will note the condition of each article in a code explained at the top of the form, e.g., “G” for gouged.  Make sure you and the carrier agree about the condition.  If you disagree, make your own notation on the inventory list, otherwise, you may have difficulty securing compensation, should damage occur.

Similarly, your personal participation is recommended when your goods are delivered.  If an item is missing or damaged, tell the carrier and mark it on both the carrier’s and your copy of the inventory sheet.  Check all cartons carrying china, glassware, and other fragile items for damage before the carrier leaves.

When delivery is complete, you should sign the inventory sheet and delivery receipt, noting any lost or damaged items.  This will simplify processing of any future claims.  However, failure to so do will not affect your rights to make a claim and to have the claim considered on its merits.


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