Packing and Other Preparations

You may wish to save money by packing some or all of your own household goods; however, if something breaks you will have to show damage occurred because of the moverís negligent handling and not your packing.  In case there is damage, always save the box, the contents and the packing materials to facilitate claims handling.

Never pack matches, flammables (such as propane tanks) or other dangerous articles. 

Itís a good idea to empty, defrost and dry refrigerators and freezers.  Set aside jewelry, money, vital documents and valuable small items in a safe place that is not accessible to anyone entering either your old or your new residence.  Do not ship jewelry, money, important papers or other valuable personal articles unless you make written arrangements with the carrier Ė it is best to carry these items with you Hazardous Materials Not to be Shipped).

Itís up to you to make preparations such as disconnecting major appliances, providing special services to protect them during the move and removing items attached to walls or floors such as draperies and tacked-down carpets.  Some moving companies will provide these services for a fee, or they can suggest firms in the local area to assist you.


Agreement for Moving Services