Pickup and Delivery Dates

If the carrier agrees to pick up your goods on a particular day and/or at a specified time, every effort must be made to meet that commitment.  If for some reason the time or date cannot be met, the carrier must notify you (or the party you designate) by telephone, telegraph or fax at the carriers’ expense, as soon as it becomes apparent that the pickup will not be at the time promised.

If delivery of your goods is delayed, the carrier must notify you at least 24 hours in advance (at carrier’s expense by telephone, telegraph or fax), at the address or telephone number you have provided.

For moves weighing 5,000 pounds or more, and/or transported 75 miles or more, you may request the mover to pick up a shipment on an agreed date and deliver it within an agreed upon span of two consecutive days.  If pickup is not made on the agreed upon date and delivery within two days of the agreed date, the carrier must pay you $100 per day for each and every day of delay.  This is in addition to any other claim you may make.  You must request this service in writing and any claim for failure to deliver on the agreed date must be made in writing within 30 days of delivery (see “How to File a Claim).

Claims for reimbursement for damages because of carrier negligence in failing to pick up or deliver your shipment on the agreed-upon date or period of time specified in the Agreement and shipping order should be handled like any other claim for loss or damage  How to File a Claim).


Packing and Other Preparations