Weighing Your Goods

When charges are based on weight, the moving van will be weighed by a certified weighmaster on a certified scale before and after loading.   You may observe the actual weighing or you may ask the carrier to notify you of the charges by telephone, telegraph or fax as soon as the goods are weighed.  You should request copies of the weight information before and after loading.  If you have any reason to question the reported weight, you may ask for a reweigh before delivery.

No extra charge will be made for re-weighing IF the difference between the two net scale weights exceeds 100 pounds on shipments weighing 5,000 pounds or less, or exceeds two percent of the lower net scale weight on shipments weighing more than 5,000 pounds.  The lower of the two net weights must be used in determining the charges.  If you request a reweigh and the difference between the weights is not as described above, you may be required to pay for the re-weighing.


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