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Filing a Language Access Complaint
Welcome to the California Public Utilities Commission
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Online Documents

The CPUC publishes electronic copies of official CPUC-generated proceeding documents, Advice Letters, and documents that are electronically filed by third parties during a proceeding. Staff reports, press releases, environmental impact reports, and many other documents that are produced outside of a specific proceeding are also available. You can search for documents by time period, document type, or by searching text, among other methods. Decisions, Resolutions, Rulings, and other documents issued after June 2000 are available online.

Access our ftp for decisions dating back to 1911.

Time Period Searches 

  • All Published Documents in the last 24 hours- from this screen you can also select 7 or 30 days.
  • Documents produced only by the CPUC or Administrative Law Judges in the last 24 hours,7 Days,  or 30 Days

Document Type Searches

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Other Ways to Get Documents

  • Subscribe to Documents- sign up to have specific types of documents or documents from a particular proceeding delivered by email.
  • Get on a Service List - a service list is the official list of parties to the proceeding.
  • Go to the Docket Card - the Docket Card lists all the documents filed in a proceeding.

The California Public Utilities Commission now has most of its old decisions dating back to 1911 and certain of its old resolutions online, available through FTP.

Please use the links below to access these legacy documents.



The decisions which are not available online are:

Individual decisions::
97-01-013 (Jan 13, 1997), 92-08-037 (Aug 11, 1992)

Ranges of missing decisions:

1st Decision                Last Decision
96-08-004 96-09-027
93-01-018 95-02-025
92-11-048 92-11-050
85-01-013 87-09-067

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Technical Requirements

Accessing the "online documents" search page requires that you allow session cookies in your browser settings. Please enable session cookies before proceeding.

How do I enable session cookies?

Select "Internet Options" from the Tools menu. Go to Privacy Tab, adjust preset settings so that cookies are enabled or click on "Advanced" to customize it to allow session cookies. Click "OK" for each window and click "Refresh" on the browser menu.

Many documents are produced in PDF format. You will need to Get Acrobat Reader  to read them.




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