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Certification and Procurement

California State government is committed to Small Business and as a result all California State Agencies are under Executive Order to do 25% of their procurement and contracts with Small Businesses (SBs) and 3% with Disabled Veteran Owned Business Enterprises (DVBEs).

To pursue business opportunities with the state, small and disabled veteran owned businesses should get certified with the Department of General Services (DGS). For applications and more information go to:  or 916-375-4940.

Small Business Certification affords you a 5 % bid preference on State contracts. DVBE certification can afford you up to a 5% incentive in the formal bid process.  On-line certification is simple and takes only minutes.

If you offer a service or product that is needed, you can bid for a contract. Contracts vary widely in size from less than $5,000 to multi-million dollar.

In addition to this 25% small business goal, most state agencies are required to have a small business advocate who coordinates the small business procurement process. Each advocate strives to ensure that their agency meets the 25% goal.  If you would like to learn more please feel free to contact our Small Business Program, Bezawit Dilgassa, Or call 800-253-0500.

Finally, if you are a women or minority owned firm you can get certified with the Supplier Clearinghouse – or 800-359-7998. The state utilities have a goal of doing 15% of their procurement/contracts with Minority Owned firms, 5% with Women Owned firms and 1.5% with Disabled Veteran Owned firms (CPUC Supplier Diversity Program).

Contracting Opportunities

  • CPUC Contracting Opportunities
  • Statewide Contracting Opportunities
  • Utility Contracting Opportunities


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