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Frequently Asked Questions

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What services does the CPUC offer for small business?

  • Complaint resolution
  • Small Business Expos
  • Procurement opportunities
  • Education and Outreach: speaking engagements, workshops and newsletters
  • Policy and Legislative Advocacy


What is the CPUC Small Business Program?


The California Public Utilities Commission acts as an advocate of the small business community by working with regulated utilities to ensure that every small business receives safe, reliable and timely utility service at reasonable rates. The CPUC program;


  • Promotes economic development of the small business community by providing resources and information about state and utility contracting opportunities.
  • Ensures the competitive nature of small business requests for state contracting and CPUC service needs.
  • Provides the education and outreach necessary to raise awareness of various regulatory and legislative policy issues impacting the small business community.

How Do I get certified as a Small Business and how does certification benefit me? 


To pursue business opportunities with the state, small and disabled veteran owned businesses should get certified with Department of General Services (DGS) or call 916-375-4940. Certification affords you a 5% bid preference on state contracts.  Small business is defined as 100 employees or less or annual average gross  receipts of $14 million or less over the previous three tax years.



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