• Projects/Opportunities Available

    The following companies may have projects / opportunities available:
    • AT&T

      Cable, batteries for Uverse cabinets, transport & installation of batteries

      Fulfillment, call center vendor, phone manufacturing, digital circuit equipment for DSL modems

      Collection agencies

      Data: LAN/WAN, software development, systems integrations, staff augmentations, project management, VOIP and Video

      IT Project management

      IT leasing/finance Desktop/monitor/peripheral value added services

      Court reporters, transcription services, legal video services

      leased messaging equip., call center suppliers w/ offshore capabilities; national fulfillment programs

      Wire distribution

      Outside plant construction & engineering, distribution type services

      Signage manufacturing & distribution

      Landscaping & janitorial services

      National transportation truck forwarders

      Distance learning providers

    • Caltrans (California Department of Transportation)

      Janitorial maintenance

      Printing and Publishing

      Insect termination

      Consulting Services: Consulting Services, Technical Services and Security Services.

      Construction: Public Works, Repairs and Architectural & Engineering Services.

      Commodities: Materials and Supplies, Equipment. Leasing and Rental, Equipment Service Repair or Installation.

      Office Supplies, Computer Accessories.

    • California Public Utilities Commission

      Examples of CPUC Consultant Contracts include: Environmental, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Solar, Deaf and Disabled Telephone, Auditing, Marketing/PR, Legal and Training Program Services.

      Examples of CPUC Personal Service contracts include: Translator and ASL Services.

      Types of goods CPUC procures: boxes, packaging, shipping supplies, copy machines, headsets, first aid kits, printer cartridges, rubber stamps, signage, office supplies, specialized telecommunications equipment for deaf and disabled.

      Types of services CPUC procures: copier/printer repair, garage cleaning, locksmith, modular furniture, movers of office equipment, recyclers, printing and finishing services, shredding services uniform rental, other essential services.

    • California Water Association (100 water companies including Golden State Water, San Jose Water, etc)


      Petroleum: Fuel, Hydraulic and Telus oils

      Hazmat Disposal


      I.T. Services

      Consulting: Legal, Finance, Real Estate, Engineering, Water Resources

      Promotional Items i.e. Award Programs High End

      Water Pump and Water Well Services

      Janitorial Services

      Electrical Services, including SCADA

      Septic and Environmental Pumping/Hauling Services

      Industrial Generator Maintenance

      Water Meter Replacement and Installation Services

      Asphalt Paving

      Landscaping Contractors

      Industrial Painting Contractors for Water Tanks


      Pipeline Contractor

      Potable Water Heater

      Paving Contractor


    • Cox Communications

      Carpet Cleaning

      Copy Charges

      Electrical Maint.

      Elevator Maint.

      Facilities Pro Cards

      Fire Alarm

      Fitness Equipment

      Gate Control Maint.

      General R&M

      Hvac Maint

      Furniture Rental/Purchase

      Generator Maint.

      Janitorial Supplies



      Letter Abatement

      Locks & Keys


      Parking Lot Sweeping



      Roof Maint.

      Pest Control

      Plant Service



      Ergonomic Equipment


      Storage Rental

      Trailer Rental

      Window Cleaning


    • Pacific Gas & Electric Company

      Engineering -gas leaks

      Hazard Waste Transport




      Asphalt and Concrete Services

      Forestry and Vegetation Management

      Transmission Line Maintenance Services

      Portable Toilets

      Smartmeter Installation

    • California State University - San Bernardino

      Construction Related Businesses (Licensed Contractors Preferred)

      Facilities Services Vendors (no Janitorial Supply vendors please )

    • Southern California Edison

      AC & Radiator repair

      Auto& Truck Parts>

      Boom Certification & Dielectric>

      Catalytic Converters>

      Caterpillar Equipment>

      Crane Maintenance & repair>

      DMV Licensing>

      Electrical components>

      Glass Services>

      Hydraulic Cylinders>

      Pole Line hardware (meters, transformers, poles, switches)>




      Transmission Repair>

      Transmission/Engine Repair>

      Underground and Overhead Electrical Construction>


    • Sempra

      Appliance Parts

      Automotive Equipment, Supplies and Services

      Automotive Vehicles

      Cathodic Protection Commodities for Gas Facilities


      Consulting /Professional Services

      Dealership Parts

      Freight and Logistics Consultants

      Gas/Electric Meters and Regulators

      HVAC Contractors /Weatherization Installers

      International freight Carriers

      IT/Telecom Services

      Machinery & Shop Equipment

      Mechanical Engineering

      Office Supplies

      Online rebate Processing

      Printing, We Press

      Technical Consulting

      Yard Sweeping

    • Verizon Communications

      Outside Plant Construction - Southern California

      Cell Site Maintenance Services

      Janitorial and Landscaping Services - Southern California

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