CPUC’s Strategic Planning Initiative

The CPUC has undertaken a strategic planning process.  

See the Commissioners’ Strategic Directives and Governance Policies, adopted August 10, 2017.

July 31, 2017: Memo from Policy and Governance Committee to other Commissioners regarding new unity of control policy and revised commissioner code of conduct

Strategic Directive Action Plans


CPUC is conducting an agency-wide strategic planning process to align the organization around clear expectations set by the body of five commissioners (hereafter called “the Commission”) and to create an action plan for meeting those expectations. The CPUC has engaged consulting firm Leading Resources  Inc. to assist in the year-long comprehensive planning initiative, the first undertaken by the CPUC in over 20 years.

This webpage is intended to serve as a central source of information for the strategic planning effort. The webpage contains updates, announcements, timelines and materials as they’re developed so that stakeholders can track the progress of the process and have a one-stop shop for finding information.

Articulating the Commission’s Expectations with “Strategic Directives”

The Commission and Senior Management are currently collaborating on the development of "strategic directives."

A strategic directive states in clear, understandable terms what results the governing body wants the organization to achieve. Strategic directives define the full universe of how the performance of the organization will be judged by the governing body. They are usually organized in categories reflecting the major areas of focus for the organization, for example, customer service, reliability, market development, communications, and financial performance.

Below is a draft table of contents for the strategic directives. Hyperlinks offer access to the most recent version, for those directives that are currently under development.


These drafts are being vetted at the Finance and Administration Committee meetings. Please visit the Commissioner Committee web page for dates and times. Meetings are open to the CPUC staff and public. All are encouraged to attend.

Stakeholders are also encouraged to submit questions, ideas, comments or concerns to StrategicPlan@cpuc.ca.gov.

Additional Resources

Below, please find additional information on the strategic planning process.

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