• Tim Sullivan, Executive Director

    Mr. Sullivan has worked at the CPUC in various capacities for 28 years. Since assuming the position of Executive Director, Mr. Sullivan has focused on increasing the transparency and accountability of CPUC operations.  In 2015, the CPUC developed and published databases tracking all open proceedings, and to track all Ordering Paragraphs to ensure compliance.  In addition, Mr. Sullivan has instituted a core values initiative with employees to commit to the values of accountability, excellence, integrity, open communications, and stewardship.  Mr. Sullivan has written a weekly Executive Director’s blog to keep employees throughout the organization apprised of developments affecting the organization. Most recently, Mr. Sullivan is leading an internal effort to develop “action plans” for meeting the strategic directives adopted by the Commissioners.

    Prior to becoming Acting Chief Administrative Law Judge, Mr. Sullivan served as Assistant Chief Administrative Law Judge and an Administrative Law Judge, where his most notable recent proceeding developed privacy rules to protect consumer data.

    Mr. Sullivan brings both a family tradition of public service and expert training to the position of interim Executive Director. His immigrant grandfathers were firefighters and his father was a police officer, all in New York City. Mr. Sullivan earned an undergraduate degree in mathematics from Yale and trained for public service at Harvard, earning a Master in Public Policy in 1976 and a Ph.D in 1980. His thesis resulted in a book, Resolving Development Disputes Through Negotiation (Plenum, 1984).



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