Consumer Affairs Branch

Informal Complaint Process

What To Expect After Submitting Your Written Complaint

Upon receipt of your written complaint, a Consumer Affairs Branch (CAB) representative will be assigned to process your case.  You will receive a letter of acknowledgment from CAB within 10 days, which will include the file case number. 

After initial review of the complaint, the CAB representative will determine if additional information is required and will request data and information from the utility provider as necessary.  A complaint submitted in writing for resolution to the utility provider is referred to as an Informal Complaint (IC).  The representative will review the information provided by you and the utility, and will verify whether the utility is following all the applicable rules and regulations of the CPUC.  

After completing the review of the case, a closing letter will be mailed to you explaining the outcome of your complaint.  Most cases are resolved within 45 days of filing.  


If you disagree with the outcome of your Informal Complaint you may:

  File an Informal Appeal  

You must submit, in writing, a showing that there is good cause to reopen your Informal Complaint case. You may do so by providing new evidence, by showing CAB  failed to consider all the evidence already provided, or by showing that CAB made a factual or legal error.  Appeal criteria will be enclosed with the CAB’s closing letter to you explaining the outcome of your Informal Complaint.


  File a Formal Complaint 

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your Informal Appeal, or your request for an Informal Appeal did not meet the appeal criteria, you have the option to file a formal complaint with the CPUC if you meet the necessary criteria.  To learn more about filing a formal complaint, please click here

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