760/442 Area Code

On October 16, 2008, the CPUC approved D.08-10-038, modifying D.08-04-058, and approving an overlay of the new area code 442 over the existing 760 area code. As of October 24, 2009, all telephone customers holding either a 760 or 442 area code must dial 1 plus the area code plus the telephone number to complete a call.

The October CPUC decision revised D.08-04-058, approving a geographic split for the 760 area code on April 24, 2008. On August 15, 2008, parties in the Northern San Diego area filed a petition to modify D08-04-058. The CPUC held hearings in Victorville and Carlsbad in the first week of September to receive public input regarding changing the CPUC’s order from a geographic split to an overlay. 100 or fewer people attended the hearing in Victorville advocating that the CPUC reaffirm its earlier decision ordering a geographic split for 760. Approximately 400 people attended the hearing in Carlsbad advocating for an overlay as the means of implementing the new 442 area code.

A.07-06-018 and CPUC Proceeding Information 

The 760 area code serves an area in the most southern part of California that extends from Inyo and Mono County east of the Sierras, to the Nevada and Arizona borders, to the Mexico border and west to northern San Diego County. At 46,666 square miles, its area is equal to 29% or nearly one third of California. It is geographically the largest area code within California. The 760 was created in 1991 when it was split from the 619 area code. For more detailed information go to the 760 Area Code History page.

Recognizing that the supply of available prefixes in the 760 area code will not extend beyond two more years, the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) filed Application 07-06-018 with the Public Utilities Commission on June 18, 2007. NANPA’s application is the product of industry planning meetings and includes notes on the public meetings held in the 760 in Apple Valley, Palm Springs, Carlsbad and El Centro in February 2007. The application also includes a listing of all public comments received up to the time of the application.

NANPA’s recommendation was a consensus of industry preferences, which supported an all services overlay as a solution to the requirement for more numbering resources in 760.

Public comments received as of October 31, 2007, prior to adoption of D.08-04-058 indicated that the public prefers a geographic split at the following levels:

On April 24, 2008 the CPUC issued D.08-04-058 splitting the 760 and creating the 442 area code. Northern San Diego County would have had the new area code 442. The area in the eastern portion, Imperial, Riverside, San Bernardino, Inyo counties and portions of Kern and Mono counties would have retained 760. This decision was modified in October 2008, changing the method of introducing a new area code to an overlay, which was effective October 24, 2009.


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