Southern California Edison's Devers–Palo Verde No. 2 Transmission Line Project

(Application A.05-15-015)


Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Report, Colorado River Substation Expansion

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Notice of Availability
Title Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Figure ES-1. Substation Locations
Figure ES-2. Substation Layout
Figure ES-3. Colorado River Substation Alternatives
A. Introduction
B. Description of Proposed Project
Figure B-1. Substation Locations
Figure B-2a. Substation Layout
Figure B-2b. Substation Profile
Figure B-3. Permanent and Temporary Disturbed Areas
Figure B-4. Water Well Locations
Figure B-5. Proposed Distribution and Telecommunications Lines
C. Alternatives
Figure C-1. Colorado River Substation Alternatives
D. Environmental Analysis
Figure D-1. Sand Transport Corridors
Figure D-2. MFTL Occurrences and Impacts - Proposed CRS Location
E. Revised Cumulative Scenario and Impacts
Figure E-1. Cumulative Projects
F. Comparison of Alternatives
G. Other CEQA Considerations
H. References

Appendix 1. Alternatives Screening Report
Figure Ap.1-1. Colorado River Substation Alternatives
Figure Ap.1-2. Partial Avoidance Alternative
Figure Ap.1-3A. Avoidance Alternatives - Substation Configuration (Parallel Configuration)
Figure Ap.1-3B. Avoidance Alternatives - Substation Configuration (Perpendicular Configuration)
Figure Ap.1-4. Avoidance Alternative #1
Figure Ap.1-5. Avoidance Alternative #2
Figure Ap.1-6. Avoidance Alternative #3
Figure Ap.1-7. Southern Alternative
Figure Ap.1-8A. Southern Alternative - Substation Configuration (Parallel Configuration)
Figure Ap.1-8B. Southern Alternative - Substation Configuration (Perpendicular Configuration)
Figure Ap.1-9. Original Midpoint Substation Alternative
Figure Ap.1-10. Sand Shield Alternative
Appendix 2. Notice of Preparation; Scoping Report; Scoping Comments
Appendix 3. Geomorphic Assessment and Sand Transport Impacts Analysis
Appendix 4. Native American Scoping Consultation
Appendix 5. EDR Database Search Results
Appendix 6. SEIR Preparers and Reviewers
Appendix 7. Persons or Agencies Consulted

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