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Southern California Edison's San Joaquin Cross Valley Loop Transmission Project

(Application A.08-05-039, filed May 30, 2008)




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The following comment letters were received on the Draft EIR for the project during the now closed 45-day public review period. Click on the letter number below to view the file in Acrobat.


Letter Date Individuals Name Agency
O1 7/1/2009 Dave Warner, Director of Permit Services San Joaquin Valley APCD
O2 7/21/2009 Conley Meling, partner Meling Bros
O3 7/21/2009 Eric M. Meling, partner Meling Bros
04 7/21/2009 John Meling, partner Meling Bros
O5 7/21/2009 William D. West, Secretary/Manager Stone Corral Irrigation District
O6 7/23/2009 Bob Blakely, Director of Industry Relations California Citrus Mutual
O7 7/23/2009 Raul Gonzales, Mayor City of Woodlake
O8 7/23/2009 Kenneth D. Schmidt Kenneth D. Schmidt and Associates (PACE)
O9 7/23/2009 Doug Phillips, President Sentinel Butte Mutual Water Company
O10 7/24/2009 Rene Miller, City Manager City of Farmersville
O11 [3.1mb] 7/24/2009 David Cairns, Partner Kaweah Lemon Company
O12 7/24/2009 David Cairns, Secretary/Manager Wallace Ranch Water Company
O13 7/27/2009 Jeffrey Single, Environmental Scientist California Department of Fish and Game
O14 7/29/2009 Ken W. Womack, Owner CJ Hammers Pump Co.
O15 7/29/2009   Rocky Hill Incorporated
O16 [5.6mb] 7/30/2009 Lou W. House Protect Agriculture Communities Environment (PACE)
O17 7/30/2009 D. Zachary Smith Ruddell, Cochran, Stanton, Smith, Bixlar & Wisehart, LLC (Kaweah Delta WCD)
O18 7/31/2009 David Bean AMEC
O19 [4.3mb] 7/31/2009 Christopher Campbell Baker Manock & Jensen (Paramount Citrus Association)
O20 7/31/2009 Karen Norene Mills California Farm Bureau Federation and Tulare County Farm Bureau
O21 [9.9mb] 7/31/2009 Donald L. Fulbright Donald Lawrence Construction Company
O22 7/31/2009 Gregory S. Kirkpatrick Farmland Conservation Strategies
O23 7/31/2009 Winthrop Pescosolido Merryman Ranch Company
O24 7/31/2009 Albert J. Garcia Southern California Edison (SCE)
O25 [48.1mb] 7/31/2009 Fran M. Layton, Erin Chalmers, Laurel L. Impett Schute, Mihaly & Weinberger LLP (City of Visalia)
O26 7/31/2009 Brian Monaghan, Project Director/Corporate Sales Wildlands
O27 8/3/2009 Paul-Albert Marquez, Central Planning Branch Chief California Department of Transportation
O28 7/XX/2009 Bill Gargan, Owner Kaweah Pump Inc.
O29 7/28/2009 Allan Ishida, District One Tulare County Board of Supervisors
O30 7/24/2009 David Cairns, Secretary/Manager Lemon Cove Ditch Company


Letter Date Individuals Name  
I1 6/9/2009 Dr. and Mrs. David Bockman  
I2 7/8/2009 Kelly Anez  
I3 7/15/2009 Jenna Mattison  
I4 7/16/2009 Larry Ronk  
I5 7/18/2009 Robert McKellar  
I6 7/20/2009 Robert and Mary Edmiston  
I7 7/20/2009 Evelyn Hodel  
I8 7/20/2009 LaVerne Hodel  
I9 7/20/2009 Barbara VanWellen
I10 7/20/2009 James Hitchcock  
I11 7/21/2009 William Maurer
I12 7/22/2009 Barbara Ainley  
I13 7/22/2009 Elaine Breitbach
I14 7/22/2009 Alan Hiatt  
I15 7/22/2009 Richard Marshall
I16 7/22/2009 Terrance Peltzer  
I17 7/22/2009 Billy and Peggy Pensar
I18 7/22/2009 George Walton  
I19 7/23/2009 Amy Alley
I20 7/23/2009 Ralph Alley  
I21 7/23/2009 Chris Corbett
I22 7/23/2009 Gary and Rebecca Davis  
I23 7/23/2009 Jacob Deitz  
I24 7/23/2009 Melissa Deitz  
I25 7/23/2009 Joseph Ferrara  
I26 7/23/2009 Joyce Frazier  
I27 7/23/2009 Jose Luis and Rose Ann Gutierrez
I28 7/23/2009 Terri Hacobian  
I29 7/23/2009 Nancy Hamlin
I30 7/23/2009 Bob Hengst  
I31 7/23/2009 David Hengst
I32 7/23/2009 Foster Hengst  
I33 7/23/2009 Linda Hengst
I34 7/23/2009 Tammi Hitchcock  
I35 7/23/2009 Tom and Jennifer Logan  
I36 7/23/2009 Leroy and Sandy Maloy  
I37 7/23/2009 George McEwen  
I38 7/23/2009 John Pehrson  
I39 7/23/2009 Barbara Peltzer  
I40 7/23/2009 Larry Peltzer  
I41 7/23/2009 Sarah Peltzer  
I42 7/23/2009 Karen Redfield  
I43 7/23/2009 Randy Redfield  
I44 7/23/2009 Del Strange  
I45 7/23/2009 Gary and Colene Tarbell  
I46 7/23/2009 Van Dellen (Lubbert)  
I47 7/23/2009 Van Dellen (Nancy)  
I48 7/23/2009 Van Dellen (Wayne)  
I49 7/24/2009 James Canterbury  
I50 7/24/2009 Kent and Gail Kaulfuss  
I51 7/24/2009 Douglas and Kaye Rydberg  
I52 7/24/2009 Cheryl Turner  
I53 7/25/2009 Stacy Kelch  
I54 7/26/2009 Jay and Nancy Culter  
I55 7/27/2009 B. Davis  
I56 7/27/2009 Lindsay Turner  
I57 7/28/2009 Delia Garza
I58 7/28/2009 Rhonda Montgomery  
I59 7/28/2009 Jack and Kathy Pendley  
I60 7/28/2009 Doyle Ritchie  
I61 7/28/2009 Cliff Ronk  
I62 7/28/2009 Connie Sing  
I63 7/28/2009 Whitendale Family  
I64 7/29/2009 Lenora Graves  
I65 7/29/2009 Bowe and Brenda McMahon  
I66 7/29/2009 William Pensar  
I67 7/29/2009 Joe Sing  
I68 7/30/2009 Tony Calcagno  
I69 7/30/2009 Diane Heaton
I70 7/30/2009 Joel Heaton  
I71 7/30/2009 Dale Kersten
I72 7/30/2009 Trudy Wischemann  
I73 7/31/2009 Suzanne Bidwell  
I74 7/31/2009 Lorene Clark  
I75 7/31/2009 James Gordon  
I76 7/31/2009 Mary Gordon  
I77 7/31/2009 Courtney Hengst  
I78 7/31/2009 Hayley Hengst  
I79 [16.8mb] 7/31/2009 John O. and Shirley B. Kirkpatrick
I80 7/31/2009 McKenzie Family  
I81 7/31/2009 Arturo Ramirez
I82 7/31/2009 Lynette Ramirez  
I83 7/31/2009 Hudson Rose
I84 7/31/2009 Corky and Laura Wynn  
I85 7/00/2009 Scott Belknap
I86 7/00/2009 DeLeondaris Family  
I87 7/00/2009 Bill Ferry
I88 7/00/2009 James Jordon  
I89 7/00/2009 Robert Bennett Lea III
I90 7/00/2009 Gus Marroquin  
I91 7/00/2009 Mike Olmos  
I92 7/00/2009 Alex Peltzer  
I93 7/00/2009 Mike and Sharon Potts  
I94 7/00/2009 Tami Tarbell-Lea  
I95 7/00/2009 Robert Ward  
I96 8/1/2009 Diane King  
I97 7/2/2009 Patty Colson  
I98 8/8/2009 Tony Calcagno  
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