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Southern California Edison's San Joaquin Cross Valley Loop Transmission Project

(Application A.08-05-039, filed May 30, 2008)




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Pursuant to the CPUC's approval of the Project, Southern California Edison (SCE) is required to implement the mitigation measures identified in the Final EIR and the Mitigation Monitoring, Reporting, and Compliance Program (MMRCP). The CPUC, as the lead agency, is responsible for ensuring that the mitigation measures, as well as plans reviewed and approved by other agencies, are implemented throughout the construction phase of the Project. Below are Project documents related to mitigation monitoring that are available for public review.


Mitigation Monitoring, Reporting, and Compliance Program

The MMRCP is a standalone guide that includes the specific protocols, guidelines, and standardized procedures for environmental compliance to be followed prior to and during construction. The goal of the MMRCP is to provide a clear understanding of the Project's organization, establish lines of communication related to mitigation monitoring, and establish a method to effectively document and report compliance with all of the mitigation measures. A link to the MMRCP is provided below.


CPUC Notices to Proceed

SCE submitted five separate Notice to Proceed (NTP) requests to the CPUC for distinct parts of the Project. Below are links to the five NTP letters that authorized SCE to begin construction of the Project.

Notice to Proceed No. 1
Notice to Proceed No. 2
Notice to Proceed No. 3
Notice to Proceed No. 4
Notice to Proceed No. 5

SCE Quarterly Monitoring Reports

SCE submits Quarterly Monitoring Reports to the CPUC to provide a status update regarding compliance with the MMRCP. Below are links to the available Quarterly Monitoring Reports:

2012 Quarter 3

CPUC Approved SCE Variance Requests


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