CPUC Meetings, Events, and Notices of Filings

The Meetings and Events Calendar provides information on upcoming commission voting meetings and selected other events.

The CPUC Daily Calendar provides up-to-date information on all CPUC meetings, including public participation hearings, workshops, and other proceeding-related hearings, notice of new filings, proposed decisions, advice letter filings, etc. A list of things provided in the  Daily Calendar follows. 

  • Voting Meetings The CPUC holds regularly scheduled voting meetings where at least three of the five commissioners meet to discuss and vote on proposed policies, rules, and other issues. More information on these meetings is provided here. Members of the public who wish to speak at a voting meeting may sign up with the Public Advisor’s Office. 
  • Hearings This term generally refers to prehearing conferences and evidentiary hearings. General members of the public may attend prehearing conferences and evidentiary hearings held in CPUC proceedings; however, participation is reserved for formal parties. If you wish to become a formal party to a proceeding, one way to do so is by attending a prehearing conference and requesting party status. If you wish to provide comment on a proceeding but do not wish to become a formal party, you can learn how to do so here. 
  • Public Participation Hearings (PPHs) – The CPUC often holds public participation hearings for various proceedings underway at the CPUC. Members of the public are encouraged to attend public participation hearings and provide comment. Although commissioners and their staff may be in attendance, no official CPUC action will be taken at a public participation hearing. 
  •  All-Party Meetings – An administrative law judge and/or the assigned commissioner in a proceeding may request an all-party meeting during which pending matters are discussed. Public comments may be taken and parties to the proceeding may be present to speak on issues and respond to inquiries. Although commissioners and their staff may be in attendance, no official CPUC action will be taken at this event.
  • Workshops – The CPUC hosts a variety of workshops. Generally speaking, the purpose of a workshop is to address concerns and questions related to a proceeding or matter before the CPUC. Interested stakeholders and outside parties may be invited to present at certain workshops.   
  • Notice of New Filings – Whenever an application is filed with the CPUC, notice of it is posted in the Daily Calendar. Examples of new filings include general rate case applications, requests to build infrastructure like substations, etc.  
  • Notice of Draft Resolutions – Notice of draft resolutions are issued in order to address a matter (e.g. utility advice letter) before the CPUC. Draft resolutions are typically issued by the CPUC's industry divisions (Energy, Water, Communications, etc.). 
  • Proposed Decisions Notice of when a proposed decision is issued is provided in the Daily Calendar. Once a proposed decision is issued, it will be available for public review and comment for a period of 30 days.  A proposed decision has no legal effect until and unless the CPUC hears the item and votes to approve it. Proposed decisions that have been issued within the last 30 days may be found here.  
  •  Advice Letter Filings – An advice letter is a document filed by a utility, requesting minor changes to rates or services.  Advice letters do not require formal public hearings, unless ordered by the CPUC. When a utility files an advice letter, notice is provided in the Daily Calendar.
  •  Notice of Petition for Modification or Application for Rehearing – A petition for modification asks the CPUC to make changes to an issued decision. An application for rehearing is the vehicle to request rehearing on an issued decision and preserve a party’s appellate rights.  
  • Commissioner Committee Meetings The purpose of committee meetings is to provide the CPUC Commissioners with an opportunity to meet and discuss matters related to finance and administrative initiatives of the CPUC. The public is encouraged to voice their opinion by attending these public meetings.
  • Residential Rate Design Forums Members of the public are welcome to attend rate design forums to discuss time-of-use rates, changes to rate tiers, the economic and environmental benefits of new rates, and the CPUC's plans to work closely with utilities and communities to ensure that consumers are ready for these changes.
  •  En Banc The CPUC holds en banc session designed to begin broader conversations on a variety of topics and issues. Community-based organizations and interested parties may be invited to speak at various en bancs.  En banc topics can range from utility pole safety to supplier diversity programs. 

*For more information on how to get involved, please read our Brochures on CPUC Processes


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