Report and Workshops

The Strategic Plan and 2007 Integrated Energy Policy Report adopted zero net energy goals for new construction in California.

New Residential Zero net Energy Action Plan 2015-2020 launched June 2015.  An e-reader version of the ZNE Residential Action Plan is available by clicking here.  The Executive Summary is also available by here.

The 2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report further defined Zero Net Energy Buildings and laid out the necessary steps and renewables options for achieving the ZNE 2020 goals.


October 3, 2013 ZNE Commercial Stakeholder Workshop Materials


September 18, 2013 CPUC presentation at NASEO National Getting to Zero Net Energy Conference (Denver)


November 28th 2012 ZNE Stakeholder Workshop Materials

ZNE Building Studies:

NEW CPUC Sponsored ZNE Strategic Planning Support Materials


Zero Net Energy Buildings 2010-2012 Program Fact Sheet


Immigration Guide