Workshops in the Integrated Distributed Energy Resources (IDER) Rulemaking (R.14-10-003) and Related Proceedings

Energy Division Workshop - Discuss Advice Letters filed by PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E Requesting Approval  to Procure DER Solutions - July 10, 2017

Energy Division Workshop - "Societal Cost Test” – September 22, 2016


Assigned Commissioner's Office Workshop - "Range of Process Alternatives to Test the Utility Incentive Mechanism for the Deployment of Distributed Energy Resources" - August 4, 2016



 Assigned Commissioner's Office Workshop - "Moving Toward Value in Utility Compensation" - June 13, 2016


Background Information:

  • Administrative Law Judge's Ruling Notice Workshop
  • Assigned Commissioner's Office Ruling Introducing Draft Regulatory Incentives Proposal for Discussion and Comment
    • Attachment A:  "Designing a New Utility Business Model?  Better Understand the Traditional One First," Steve Kihm, Energy Center of Wisconsin, with Jim Barrett and Casey J. Bell, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
    • Attachment B:  "You Get what You Pay For," Steve Kkhm, Prinicipal and Chief Economist, Seventhwave | Ron Lehr, Director, Western Grid Group | Sonia Aggarwal, Diretor, America's Power Plan | Edward Burgess, Program Manager, Utility of the Future Center, Arizona State University

Competitive Solitication Framework Working Group - March 24 - August 1, 2016

On March 24, 2016 ALJ Kelly Hymes issued a Ruling establishing a working group in this proceeding charged with developing a competitive solicitation framework targeting the reliability needs within areas identified by analysis performed in R.14-10-003.  Investor owned utilities filed a Status Report on June 1, 2016.  Subsequently sub-teams were established within the Working Group to develop consensus in both discrete and overlapping elements as described in the February 26, 2016 Scoping Memo.  The Final Report was filed on August 1, 2016.  For additional information on the Competitive Solicitation Framework Working Group, including sub-team formation, meeting notes, agendas, and draft work product, please go to:


Integrated Demand Side Cost-effectiveness – Overview of Staff Mapping Project – July 30, 2015

Integrating Distributed Energy Resources - March 11 and 12, 2015

Learning Session 2 - February 20, 2015

California Climate Goals Overview (CPUC)

Panel I: Out-of-State Integrated Demand Resource Program Activities

Panel II: Customer Needs Overviews

Learning Session 1 - January 22, 2015

Opening Presentations (CPUC)

Panel I: Current and Past Commission-Related IDER Activities

Panel II: Current and Past Non-Commission Regulated IDER Activities

Panel III: Barriers to Success

Social Cost Test Workshop - June 10, 2013

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