Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC)

  • To obtain ETC designation, please follow instructions in this resolution: Resolution T-17002
  • To obtain annual certification as ETC eligible to receive federal high-cost and/or low income support, please follow annual reporting requirements in this resolution: Resolution T-17002  
Approved Eligible Telecommunications Carriers
Carrier Name CPCN/WIR Resolution/Decision Approving Authority
 Calaveras Telephone Company 1004 T-16105
 Cal-Ore Telephone Company 1006 T-16105
 Citizens Telecom Co. of California 1024 T-16105
 Citizens Telecom Co. of Golden State 1025 T-16105
 Citizens Telecom Co. of Tuolumne 1023 T-16105
 Ducor Telephone Company 1007 T-16105
 Foresthill Telephone Company, Inc. 1009 T-16105
 Global Valley Network, Inc. 1008 T-16105
 Happy Valley Telephone Co. 1010 T-16105
 Hornitos Telephone Company 1011 T-16105
 Kerman Telephone Company 1012 T-16105
 Pacific Bell 1001 T-16105
 Pinnacles Telephone Company 1013 T-16105
 Ponderosa Telephone Company 1014 T-16105
 Sierra Telephone Company, Inc. 1016 T-16105
 Siskiyou Telephone Company 1017 T-16105
 Surewest Telephone 1015 T-16105
 Verizon California, Inc. 1002 T-16105
 Verizon West Coast, Inc. 1020 T-16105
 Volcano Telephone Company 1019 T-16105
 Winterhaven Telephone Company 1021 T-16105
 Mpower Communications Corp. (formerly  MGC Communications) 5859 T-16137
 Budget Phone 6654 T-17000
 ConnecTo  6977 T-17152
 TC Telephone 6875 T-17231
 Frontier Communications of the Southwest 1026 T-17293
 Telscape 4380 T-17339
 Telscape (also known as Truconnect Communications) 6589 T-17340
 SureWest Televideo 6324 T-17345
 Blue Casa Telephone, LLC 7222 T-17384
 Virgin Mobile, USA, L.P. (dba Assurance Wireless) 4327 T-17388
 Cox California Telcom, LLC 5684 D.13-10-002
 Time Warner Cable Information Services (CA) 6874 D.14-03-038
 Boomerang Wireless (dba enTouch Wireless) 4436 T-17436
 TAG Mobile, LLC 4411 T-17437
 Air Voice Wireless, LLC (branded Feel Safe Wireless) 4451 T-17448
 i-wireless, LLC 4372 T-17449
 Telrite Corp. (dba Life Wireless) 4442 T-17462
 AmeriMex Communications Corp (dba SafetyNet Wireless) 4458 T-17455
 Global Connection, Inc. of America (dba Stand Up Wireless) 4423 T-17466
 Sage Telecom Communications, LLC 4456 T-17468
 Tracfone Wireless, Inc 4231 T-17467
 Blue Jay Wireless, LLC 4437 T-17473
 American Broadband & Telecom Co 4457 T-17516
 Cal.net, Inc. 7308 T-17640
 California Internet, dba GeoLinks 7326 T-17646


Annual Use Certification for Federal High-Cost Support, § 54.314

Due by September 15

Pursuant to Part 54.314, ETCs must be State-certified to receive High-Cost Program support. Communications Division annually completes the certification to the USAC and the FCC.

ETCs seeking State certification  to receive federal high-cost support for the next program year must file a Tier 2 Advice Letter by September 15 and the Subject of Filing should indicate Federal High-Cost Support Annual Use Certification, § 54.314. Documentation should demonstrate that federal support was used only for the provision, maintenance, and upgrading of facilities and services for which the support is intended. Staff will complete state certification to the USAC and the FCC by the October 1 deadline.
For more information, contact: Kim Hua

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