Carrier Reporting Requirements

Telephone Carrier Performance Bond Requirements

All CPCN, WIR and NDIEC holders are required to post a continuous performance bond to facilitate collection of fines, fees, surcharges, taxes, penalties, and restitution.

  • For CPCN and WIR holders
    • The amount must be $25,000. (The Phase 2 of R.11-11-006 will determine a reasonable performance bond amount based upon intrastate revenue.)
    • D.13-05-035: Revises the certification process for telephone corporations seeking or holding certificates of public convenience and necessity, and wireless carriers seeking or holding registration.
  • For NDIEC holders
    • The amount must be equal to or greater than 10% of intrastate revenues reported to the Commission during the preceding calendar year or $25,000, whichever is greater.
    • D.11-09-026: Clarified that the performance bond required by PUC §1013 (f) could be used to facilitate the collection of taxes or fees both in addition to fines, penalties, or restitution.
    • D.10-09-017 Compliance Requirements for Non-Dominant Interexchange Carrier (NDIEC) Registration Licensees
  • The sample bond is provided as guidance. Depending on the authority granted, please select one of the following bond templates provided below:

o    CPCN/WIR Sample Bond

o    NDIEC Sample Bond


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Affiliate Transaction Reporting Requirements:

  • R.92-08-008 - Rulemaking which adopted affiliate transaction reporting requirements and report templates
  • D.93-02-019 - Decision which made certain revisions to the Rulemaking

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