Rail Transit Rules and Regulations


CPUC General Orders

Rules established by the Commission are called General Orders or GOs. The following lists some of the more relevant General Orders to rail transit safety and security. Other General Orders are available in the index of all General Orders.


  • GO 127: Regulations Governing the Construction, Reconstruction, Maintenance and Operation of Automatic Train Control Systems with Respect to Train Detection and Separation, Route Interlocking, Speed Enforcement and Right-of-Way Hazard Protection on Rapid Transit  Systems
  • GO 143-B: Safety Rules and Regulations Governing Light-Rail Transit
  • GO 164-E: Rules and Regulations Governing State Safety Oversight of Rail Fixed Guideway Systems
  • GO 172: Rules and Regulations Governing the Use of Personal Electronic Devices By Employees of Rail Transit Agencies And Rail Fixed Guideway Systems
  • GO 175-A: Rules And Regulations Governing Roadway Worker Protection Provided By Rail Transit Agencies And Rail Fixed Guideway Systems


  • GO 26-D: Clearances on railroads and street railroads as to side and overhead structures, parallel tracks and crossings 
  • GO 95: Overhead electric line construction 
  • GO 118-A: Construction, reconstruction and maintenance of walkways and control, of vegetation adjacent to railroad tracks





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