Decision (D.)16-06-052

Decision (D.)16-06-052, adopted by the Commission on June 23, 2016, institutes a 25% Cost Envelope for interconnection costs; grants Joint Motions pertaining to Cost Certainty and Non-Exporting, Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage; and requires Rule 21 revisions to incorporate the technical requirements for Phase 2 smart inverter communications and Phase 3 advanced inverter functions as recommended by the Smart Inverter Working Group.

D.16-06-052 closes Rulemaking (R).11-09-011, the CPUC proceeding aimed at improving distribution-level interconnection rules and regulations for certain classes of electric generators and energy storage devices.  Proceeding information, including filings on the procedural record, rulings, decisions, and service list information, can be found here:

D.16-06-052 Compliance Advice Letter Filing Schedule

D.1606052 Compliance Schedule




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