What is tariff?

A tariff is a pricing schedule or rate plan that utilities offer to customers. Along with the pricing plan, there may be certain rules for each tariff a utility offers, such as the times or seasons when prices will vary, eligibility for a tariff, when/how a customer can join or leave the tariff, what type of meter must be installed and more. Other things that can be found in a utility's tariff book include sample forms that customers may be required to fill out, rules for applications for service, bill adjustment, low-income programs and service area maps.

Tariffs are governed by CPUC General Order 96-B which lists all information that utilities are required to provide in their tariff books. A utility must have CPUC approval before changing any of it's tariffs. Before any changes, a utility must file an advice letter, which is then reviewed by the CPUC.

Links to utility tariff books are below:

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