Utility Forms & Templates

Advice Letters (Templates)

  • Advice Letter Cover Sheet (Word)
    • Sample Advice Letter - 2019 CPI (Word)
    • Sample Advice Letter - Add Tariff Rule 14.1 (Word)
    • Sample Tariff Schedule (Word)
    • Sample Table of Contents (Word)
  • Workpapers - Class B and C (Excel or PDF)
  • Workpapers - Class D (PDF)
  • Tariff Rules Template (Word)


  • Certificate of Public Convenience Application (PDF or Word)
  • Certify New Water System Application (PDF or Word)
  • Instructions for Creating a New Tariff Book for a Small Water Utility (PDF)
  • Revoke Certificate of Public Necessity and Convenience (CPCN) (PDF)
  • Transfer of Ownership (Word)


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