Water Standard Practices

  • SP U-01-W
    Creating and Modifying Standard Practices under General Order 96-B
  • SP U-02-W
    Water Division Information and Communications Standards
  • SP U-03-SM
    Preparing Results of Operation Reports for General Rate Increase Requests of Water Utilities other than Major Companies
  • SP U-04-W
    Determination of Straight-Line Remaining Life Depreciation Accruals
  • SP U-04-SM
    Depreciation Procedures for Small Water and Sewer System Utilities
  • SP U-05-SM
    Determining Fixed Capital and Rate Base of Class B, C and D Water Utilities
  • SP U-06-W
    Allocation of Administrative and General Expenses and Common Utility Plant and the Four-Factor Method
  • SP U-07-W
    Rate Design for Water and Sewer System Utilities Including Master Metered Facilities
  • SP U-08-W
    Creating and Processing Water and Sewer System Advice Letter Filings and Resolutions and Maintaining Tariffs Under General Order 96-A
  • SP U-09-SM
    Processing Informal General Rate Cases of Small Water and Sewer Utilities
  • SP U-10-W
    Applying for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for a Water or Sewer System Company
  • SP U-12-W
    Compliance Procedure
  • SP U-13-W
    Water Company Filings for Financing
  • SP U-14-WPreparing and Processing Advice Letters for Service Area Extensions and Determination that a Mutual does not Infringe on the Service Area of a Regulated Water Company
  • SP U-15-W
    Bills and Forms and Release of Customer Information
  • SP U-16-W
    Determination of Working Cash Allowance
  • SP U-17-W
    Contracts and Deviations and Main Extension Agreements Under General Order 96-B
  • SP U-18-W
    Water Supply and Certification Questionnaire
  • SP U-21-W
    Non-Tariffed Service and Information on Affiliate Transactions
  • SP U-22-W
    Determination of Water Supply Requirements of Water Systems
  • SP U-24-W
    Transfer of a Water System or Sewer System and sale of Utility Property Under Public Utilities Code Section 851
  • SP U-25-W
    Guide for Adjusting and Estimating Operating Revenues of Water Utilities
    • Supplement (Guide to the use of Computer Programs for Estimating Water Consumption and Revenues) 
  • SP U-26-W
    Adjusting and Estimating Operating Expenses of Water Utilities
  • SP U-27-W
    Processing CPI, Rate Base and Expense Offset Rate Increases and Amoritzing Memorandum and Reserve Accounts
  • SP U-28-W
    Collecting and Processing Customers Rates, Fees, and Charges Under General Order 96-B
  • SP U-31-W
    Planning and Conducting Workshops
  • SP U-34-W
    Calculating Weather Normalized Means Test (Pro-Forma) Rate of Return
  • SP U-35-W
    Guidelines for Utilities to Follow when Proposing Rate Increases to cover the costs Associated with Water Quality Improvement Projects
  • SP U-36-W
    Service Improvement Plan Requirements
  • SP U-38-W
    Uniform System of Accounts for Class A Water Utilities
  • SP U-39-W
    Uniform System of Accounts for Class B, C, and D Water Utilities
  • SP U-40-W
    Procedures for Water Conservation, Rationing, and Service Connection Moratoria
    • Resolution W-4976 (approved February 27, 2014) adopted SP U-40-W, which prescribes guidance on water conservation, rationing, and service connection moratoria.
    • Sample Advice Letter - Add Tariff Rule 14.1 regarding Water Conservation & Rationing Plan (Word
  • SP U-46-W
    Advice Letter Rate Adjustment Workbook
  • SP U-62-W
    Formation of Water Districts in California
  • Illustrative Journal Entries for Class B, C, & D Water & Sewer Utilities (August 4, 2014)

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