Hiring Process  


Look on our website for examinations that are available.  This will take you into our CPUC Web Pages where you can register and browse examinations that are accepting applications.  Once you have registered, you can search under Current Exams for jobs that are available in each of our main Divisions. 


Apply for Exam

Once you have registered, and located an examination that interests you, you can apply for that examination.  In order to apply, please allocate time to accurately complete the application process.  You will need to have gathered standard information about your past education and experience (dates of employment, dates of school attendance, supervisor names and numbers, etc.)  In addition, some classifications ask for additional information such as lists of coursework, or supplemental applications, so be prepared to enter that information as well. 



 Once you have filed an application in our system, your application will be reviewed to determine whether you meet minimum qualifications for the position.  If you do, you will be notified and scheduled for the next available examination.  If you do not, we will let you know why, and you may apply again once you meet the requirement, or check our list of examinations and apply for another examination that you are qualified for.

Take Exam

Once you have been scheduled to take an exam, you will be sent information about when and where the examination will be held.  You will be scheduled for each component of the exam (written exercise, interview, role play, etc.).  Candidates will receive an overall numerical score on the examination

You can access information about what will be measured by each component of the examination, as well as other detailed information about the position on the examination bulletin.  You can access this information, by entering our online employment center, and then proceed to the Current Exams, where you can pull up exam details on any classifications in the list.

Get Results

Once you have taken the Examination, you will then receive your scores via e-mail once all the scoring has been done by the raters.  We will make every effort to get your scores to you as soon as possible.  However, it may take a few weeks, particularly if there is a written component involved, as they take longer to score.  Your scores will be sent to you in a letter that will show a numerical score and a Rank, which will show your position on the eligibility list for that Classification.  This list is the list in which the Division hiring managers will hire from.  Most of our eligibility lists have 6 ranks, and the score determines which rank you fall in.  Typically, you will need to be in Ranks 1-3 in order to move on to the next step in the process.  If you score below Rank 3 (Ranks 4, 5, or 6), you may be eligible if one or more of the Ranks above you clears, meaning that all the candidates have been appointed or waived for the particular opening.  


Look at Job Bulletin

There may be several openings for your classification in one Division, or across Divisions.  To see a list of current job openings, go to Job Openings at the PUC.  You must apply to each of these job openings individually, as there is a separate hiring team for each, and the hiring process may be different for each opening. 

The job bulletin for each of these classifications will give you information about the specific duties, the requirements of the job, how to apply and contact information to find out more about the specific opening.  If you need any questions answered about the hiring process for the specific position, please contact the person indicated on the specific job bulletin.

Apply for Jobs

Once you have decided to apply for a specific job opening, you MUST complete a separate ONLINE application for each of the positions that you are interested in.  Please follow the instructions on the Job Bulletins to submit your application online. 

Some jobs will ask you to complete a written Statement of Qualifications (SOQ).  This SOQ will be evaluated to determine if you meet the requirements that are listed on each of the job bulletins.  If you are applying for multiple openings, you will need to submit a completed SOQ for each position, which you should attach to your application prior to submitting it.  The SOQ may be used as a way to screen candidates to make sure that each candidate interviewed possesses the requirements of the job, or as a way to limit the amount of candidates interviewed if there is a large candidate pool.

Hiring Component

Once you have submitted your application (and SOQ if necessary), you may be contacted and scheduled for a hiring interview. 

The last step of the process will be the hiring interview.  For this interview, you will interview with hiring managers and subject matter experts in the area in which there is an opening.  The panel typically consists of 2 – 3 people. 

Once you have completed the interview, you will receive notice about whether you have or have not been selected for the particular opening.  If you have been selected, a representative from Human Resources will call you to extend a formal offer and process necessary paperwork, before finally establishing an official start date.  If you have not been selected, you will be notified by the Division and encouraged to apply for other positions that are open at the Commission. 




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