Mobile Broadband Testing

CalSPEED project teams use smartphones and tablets to test at nearly 2,000 identified points around the state to measure mobile broadband service availability. The data are interpolated and subject to verification measures before depicting estimated availability throughout California as shown on the broadband availability maps. See Broadband Availability Maps. CalSPEED’s software code is open source, and available to others to use or modify.

Field Testing Reports

Field test locations and results may be viewed on the Interactive Broadband Map.


Field Test Data

For ease of use, summarized data is the average of the 160 individual tests for each metric measured at each point tested. Data sets without such summarization are available upon request, and are posted at The data is for public use.


Mobile Broadband Drive-Test Blog

CalSPEED Mobile Apps

The CalSPEED project includes consumer smartphone apps to acquire crowdsourced results from consumer tests. Crowdsourced data appears as a selectable data layer on the Interactive Broadband Map and is used for estimating mobile broadband availability. We offer CalSPEED on both the iPhone and on Android devices.

Use our CalSPEED mobile app to measure the quality of your mobile broadband service.

Download the iPhone App

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