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  1. If you need to report an emergency such as a wire on the ground or the smell of gas, call 911
  2. For non-emergency unsafe conditions, please report issues to your local utility.  If you cannot resolve the issue with the utility, call us at 1(800)649-7570 or send an email to
  3. For billing and service related issues, call 1(800)649-7570 or File a Formal Complaint Online.

Utilities and Generation Asset Owners

  1. If you are a gas or electric utility and need to report an incident, click here or call 1(800)235-1076.
  2. If you are an electric utility and need to report a major outage, click here or call 1(800)235-1076.
  3. If you are a generation asset owner or power plant representative and need to report a safety-related incident, click here.


A Whistleblower, who can be assisted by the CPUC, is an employee, contractor, or subcontractor of a company regulated by the Commission who reports his/her employer’s suspected unsafe, unlawful, or dishonest activity.

In an emergency, please call 911!

To Report Unsafe Conditions call 1(800)649-7570 or File a Whistleblower Online Report.  

To Report Fraudulent Activity(deceptive practices resulting in financial or other losses to consumers) call 1(800)649-7570 or Report Fraud Online.


Links Regarding Emergency Reporting Requirements

Decision 06-04-055 Appendix B
General Order 166: Standards for Operation, Reliability, and Safety During Emergencies and Disasters
General Order 167:Maintenance and Operation Standards for Electric Generating Facilities

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