Rail Crossings Contact Information

Press inquiries should be directed to the News and Outreach Office at news@cpuc.ca.gov or (415) 703-1366.

For other questions concerning rail crossings, check the lists below to find the appropriate CPUC Rail Crossings and Engineering Branch (RCEB) staff member. 

To determine the appropriate RCEB engineer, determine the County where the rail crossing is located, and then see the maps below for Northern California or Southern California.

Southern California

Map of RCEB contacts for Southern California

Los Angeles Office
320 West 4th Street, Suite 500
Los Angeles, CA  90013

Anton Garabetian, P. E., Program Manager
 213-576-5778, antranig.garabetian@cpuc.ca.gov

Matthew Bond, P.E., Senior Engineer (Southern California)
 213-576-1313, matthew.bond@cpuc.ca.gov

Matthew Cervantes
 213-266-4716, matthew.cervantes@cpuc.ca.gov  

Oliver Garcia
 213-576-7077,  oliver.garcia@cpuc.ca.gov  

 Howard Huie
 415-308-0533, howard.huie@cpuc.ca.gov 

Ainsley Kung
 213-576-7056, ainsley.kung@cpuc.ca.gov  

Sergio Licon
 213-576-7085, sergio.licon@cpuc.ca.gov

Jose Pereyra
 213-576-7083, jose.pereyra@cpuc.ca.gov

Kevin Schumacher
 415-310-9807, kevin.schumacher@cpuc.ca.gov

Chi Cheung To
 213-576-5766, chi_cheung.to@cpuc.ca.gov

Northern California

Map of RCEB contacts for Northern California

San Francisco Office
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA  94102

Felix Ko, P.E., Senior Engineer (Northern California - San Francisco office)
 415-703-3722, felix.ko@cpuc.ca.gov

Siavash Mozaffari
 415-703-1815, siavash.mozaffari@cpuc.ca.gov 

Ade Sogbesan
 415-703-1869, eyitejumade.sogbesan@cpuc.ca.gov

Sacramento Office
180 Promenade Circle, Suite 115
Sacramento, CA 95834-2939

Gina Adams, Program and Project Supervisor

Maria Solis, P.E., Senior Engineer (Northern California - Sacramento office)
 916-928-2534, maria.solis@cpuc.ca.gov  

Bree Arnett
 916-928-2516, bree.arnett@cpuc.ca.gov

James Esparza
 916-928-6859, james.esparza@cpuc.ca.gov

Daniellia Fristoe
 916-928-2108, daniellia.fristoe@cpuc.ca.gov

Marvin Kennix
 916-928-3809, marvin.kennix@cpuc.ca.gov

David Stewart
 916-928-2515, david.stewart@cpuc.ca.gov  

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