California Teleconnect Fund

Which service providers can offer the CTF discount?

Participating in the program allows service providers to offer 25% off voice services and a 50% discount for broadband on select communications services and subsequently file claims for reimbursement.  Please contact CTF staff prior to the provisioning of any CTF discounts.

Eligible customers can contact one of the many CTF service providers currently participating in the CTF program.

To participate in the CTF program, a service provider must:

  1. Obtain certification from the CPUC *
  2. Collect and remit surcharges, as necessary
  3. Any tariffed service provider must maintain a summary of the CTF program within CA-state tariffs (see Administrative Letter No. 13)
  4. Make the rates/pricing of all CTF eligible services available to the public via tariffs or a price guidebook
  5. File a Payee Data Record (STD-204) with the CPUC
  6. Abide by all rules and regulations set forth by the CPUC, including any applicable Decisions, Resolutions, Administrative Letters, etc...

* CPUC certification is required to file CTF claims. In order to qualify for the CTF program the carrier must obtain a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity as a Competitive Local Carrier (CLC), register as a Non-Dominant Interexchange Carrier (NDIEC), or obtain a wireless ID registration as a Commercial Mobile Radiotelephone Services (CMRS) Carrier. Wireless VoIP registration does not qualify for the CTF program unless the entity also obtains CLC, NDIEC, or CMRS authority. However, it is possible for non-certificated/registered service providers to offer the CTF discount and collect reimbursement via a partnership with a certificated/registered and CTF participating service provider. Any such partnership or the creation thereof is not facilitated by the CTF program, aside from payment made to a certificated/registered service provider for approved claims filed on behalf of a non- certificated/registered service provider. For more information, please refer to Administrative Letter No 17 and Resolution T-16763.

Visit Service Provider Programs and Information for additional information from the CPUC.




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