Universal Lifeline Telephone Service Trust Administrative Committee (ULTSAC)

  •  ULTS-AC Proposed Budget for California LifeLine, Fiscal Year 2018-19  

The ULTSAC is to function, pursuant to Pub. Util. Code § 277(a), as an advisory board providing advice and recommendations to the Commission on the development, implementation, and administration of the ULTS program.

The ULTSAC is also charged with the responsibility of providing advice and recommendations to the Commission on the marketing program for the achievement of the ULTS goal of providing basic telephone service to all qualifying low-income households. Advice and recommendations on marketing initiatives should be prioritized to reflect the most pressing needs of the ULTS program, including proposals for expenditure of 80% of the marketing budget on campaigns designed to bring basic telephone service to qualifying households currently without telephone service, and the remaining 20% aimed at closing the gap between the total number of households with phone service who qualify for the ULTS program and the number of such households that actually use the program.

ULTSAC Membership:





Large/Mid-Sized LEC

Michael Foreman, AT&T California

Charlie Born, Frontier Communications

Small LEC

Yvonne Wooster, Calaveras Telephone Company

Lorrie Clark, Sebastian


Marcie Evans, Cox Communications


Wireless Carrier

David Avila, TracFone

Alex Gudkov, TruConnect

Consumer Organization

Ken McEldowney, Consumer Action


Consumer Organization

Vinhcent Le, Greenlining  

Community-Based Organization

Cesar Motts, Southeast Community Development  

Community-Based Organization



Community-Based Organization

Deaf/Hearing Impaired or Disabled Representative

Kate Woodford, Center for Accessible Technology


Division of Ratepayer Advocates

James Ahlstedt



The ULTSAC Charter was recently modified by Resolution T-17574, issued on 3/26/2018. The revised ULTSAC Charter is available at the following link: ULTSAC Charter.

On January 24, 2003, the Low Income Oversight Board and the ULTSAC jointly issued this report: Outreach Efforts of CARE and ULTS Service Programs  

In December 2001, the ULTS Marketing Board, which has been merged with the ULTSAC as of May 25, 2002, issued this Strategic Plan.



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