Payphone Enforcement

Pursuant to a settlement agreement approved by the CPUC in Decision (D.) 90-06-018, the Payphone Service Providers Enforcement (PSPE) program was established to protect consumers. CPUC phone inspectors inspect payphones to ensure they: have adequate signage and proper disclosure for credit card calls; provide access to 911 and other safety and directory assistance numbers; and, are free from physical safety conditions such as broken glass or protruding wires.

Payphone Service Providers Complaints

To report a pay telephone that is not in compliance with consumer safeguards adopted by the Commission, please contact PSP Enforcement at:

PSP Enforcement
California Public Utilities Commission,
Consumer Protection and Enforcement Division
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA  94102

A hard copy of Commission decisions/orders can be obtained for a fee by calling 415-703-2045. Questions about this program should be directed to or by phone at 415-703-4420.

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