Safety-Related Incident


Generating Asset Owners (GAO) must report to the Commission any safety-related incident when it meets the reporting requirements of GO 167, Section 10.4, which states:

"Within 24 hours of its occurrence, a Generating Asset Owner shall report to the Commission’s emergency reporting web site any safety-related incident involving a Generating Asset. If internet access is unavailable, the Generating Asset Owner may report using the backup telephone system. Such reporting shall include any incident that has resulted in death to a person; an injury or illness to a person requiring overnight hospitalization; a report to Cal/OSHA, OSHA, or other regulatory agency; or damage to the property of the Generating Asset Owner or another person of more than $50,000. The Generating Asset Owner shall also report any other incident involving a Generating Asset that has resulted in significant negative media coverage (resulting in a news story or editorial from one media outlet with a circulation or audience of 50,000 or more persons) when the Generating Asset Owner has actual knowledge of the media coverage. If not initially provided, a written report also will be submitted within five business days of the incident. The report will include copies of any reports concerning the incident that have been submitted to other governmental agencies." 

If you are a GAO and need to report an incident, visit the Commission’s emergency reporting website.  

Please note that the emergency reporting website contains instructions for both utility companies and generating asset owners. Be sure to follow applicable instructions. EGSRS staff may contact your company to obtain more information about the reported incident.


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