Formal Application Scoping Memo

Formal Applications must include the following information:

  • Category
  • Need for hearing
  • Issues
  • Schedule

A well-prepared application should contain a clear and concise summary of the issues that the Commission is being asked to resolve. If your application already contains a summary of the issues to be considered by the Commission, simply indicate on the form the section or page of your application where the issues are summarized. If your application does not contain this information, please summarize the issues on the attached form or on a separate page.

SB 960 Scoping Memo form

BLANK Scoping Memo form (MS Word)

SAMPLE Scoping Memo form (MS Word)

Scoping Memo Information for Applications

A. Category

Check the category that is most appropriate.  Nearly all applications dealing with rail crossings are categorized as "Ratesetting".  This is a maximum 18-month process if hearings are required.

B. Are hearings necessary?

Check Yes or No. If yes, identify the material disputed factual issues on which hearings should be held, and the general nature of the evidence to be introduced. Railroad crossing applications which are not controversial usually do not require hearings.

Are public witness hearings necessary?

Check Yes or No. Public witness hearings are set up for the purpose of getting input from the general public and any entity that will not be a party to the proceeding. Such input usually involves presenting written or oral statements to the presiding officer, not sworn testimony. Public witness statements are not subject to cross-examination.

C. Issues

List here the specific issues that need to be addressed in the proceeding.

D. Schedule

Fill this out even if you checked "No" in item B above. Should the Commission decide to hold hearings, indicate here the proposed schedule for completing the proceeding (within 18 months if categorized as ratesetting).

The schedule should include proposed dates for the following events as needed:
________ Prehearing conference
________ Hearings
________ Briefs due
________ Submission
________ Proposed decision (90 days after submission)
________ Final decision (60 days after proposed decision is mailed)

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