Consumer Intake Unit

General Information About Household Goods Carriers:

The California Public Utilities Commission regulates the licensing, rates, and rules of the Household Goods moving Industry in the State of California.

Household Goods movers regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission must comply with the Commission's Code and its General Orders that are pertinent to the moving industry. Each mover's rates and rules of operation are explained in the carrier's tariff. The Household Goods' tariff that is currently in effect is the Maximum Rate Tariff 4. All regulated carriers must abide by the legal maximum rates and other mandated rules contained in the Maximum Rate Tariff. All movers must present to all prospective shippers (consumers) of household goods in the State of California with an informational booklet entitled "Important Notice to Shippers of Household Goods within California". Upon confirmation, each shipper must receive an "Agreement for Service" which is the contract between the consumer and the mover. This contract must contain a "Not to Exceed Price" and an affirmation of valuation.

The Commission Does Not Regulate The Following:

  • Interstate Transportation (transportation from state to state)
  • Long Term Storage (that which exceeds 90 days)
  • Proprietary Transportation (where the goods transported are owned by the mover)
  • Office moves
  • Goods transported wholly on private property
  • Goods not transported in a motor vehicle
  • Loss and damage claims
  • General Commodities Freight Transporters (regulated by the DMV)

About The Consumer Intake Unit:

The Consumer Intake Unit of the Consumer Services Division is located at 505 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102. The Consumer Intake Unit answers questions, accepts written complaints, and resolves disputes which result from violations of the mover's tariff and the Commission rules. The Consumer Intake Unit will assist consumers in all matters pertaining to movers in the State of California. Instructions on filing a moving company complaint are locate in the Filing a Complaint page. For the convenience of the consumers, a toll free 800 line has been established. Consumers can phone in their complaints by calling 1-800-366-4782 during business hours.


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