Passenger Carriers Enforcement


Recent passenger carrier investigations  


Passenger carriers (limousines, airport shuttles, charter and scheduled bus operators) obtain permits or certificates after providing financial responsibility and safety information to the Commission, including evidence of liability insurance and California Highway Patrol safety inspection and approval of passenger buses.

We no longer regulate Household Goods Carriers. The Bureau of Household Goods and Services is now responsible for overseeing and regulating them. They can be reached at or via phone: (916) 999-2041 fax (916) 921-7279.

Vessel common carriers providing scheduled individual fare service to passengers are issued a certificate after providing evidence of liability insurance and showing public need for service.

The Enforcement Section responds to and investigates complaints of unsafe, unlicensed and uninsured passenger carriers, and responds to complaints against licensed carriers concerning carrier fitness, overcharging, discriminating in service, failing to provide service or failing to respond to customer complaints. Enforcement Section staff initiate enforcement action through the Commission and through the California courts. They also coordinate closely with other law enforcement and regulatory agencies in ensuring that only safe, legal and properly inspected carriers transport passengers in California.

Persons with complaints concerning Passenger Carriers should follow the instructions in the Filing a Complaint page. Note: carriers should not use this number to inquire about licensing issues; carriers should email the Commission's Licensing unit at

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