Rail Crossing Guidance Documents

The documents below provide guidance from the CPUC Rail Crossings and Engineering Branch regarding placement of Emergency Notification signs and YIELD or STOP signs.

Emergency Notification signs

Information must be posted for road users at each rail crossing so that they can notify the railroad company about emergencies or malfunctioning warning devices at the crossing.  The phone number to contact the railroad is part of a federally mandated Emergency Notification System (ENS).

The ENS Guidance discusses the mandated use of blue and white informational signs for the rail crossing Emergency Notification System.

The California rail crossing emergency phone list provides phone numbers to contact railroad or rail transit agencies about crossing issues such as malfunctioning warning devices at a rail crossing.  If you are at a rail crossing, refer to the phone number posted blue and white signs.


The Guidance for Use of YIELD or STOP signs discusses the mandated use of YIELD or STOP signs in conjunction with the Crossbuck (R15-1) sign at public, passive crossings.


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