Interconnection Rulemaking (R.11-09-011) 

Rulemaking (R.) 11-09-011 is the open CPUC proceeding aimed at improving distribution-level interconnection rules and regulations for certain classes of electric generators and energy storage devices.  Proceeding information, including filings on the procedural record, rulings, decisions, and service list information, can be found here. 

The following provides an overview of current activity in the proceeding.   


August 19, 2015 ruling from ALJ Maribeth Bushey 

A R.11-09-011 Status Conference was held at CPUC headquarters on August 6, 2015.  At the Status Conference, parties to R.11-09-011 presented ALJ Maribeth Bushey with a proposed procedural schedule aimed at resolving outstanding items in the interconnection rulemaking within the dual tracks of Interconnection Cost Certainty and Energy Storage Interconnection.  ALJ Bushey issued a ruling on August 19, 2015 adopting parties’ proposed procedural schedule   



Fall 2015 R.11-09-011 Straw Proposals 

  • IOUs - Storage Load 
  • Bosch – Storage Load 
  • CESA – Non-Export 
  • SolarCity – Non-Export 
  • Bosch – Non-Export 
  • CalSEIA and SolarCity – Expanded Pre-Application Report 
  • Clean Coalition – Distribution Unit Cost Guide 
  • Energy Division – Quarterly Data Reporting 

September 22, 2015 Storage Load Issues Workshop Presentations 

Video: IOU Overview of Energy Storage Interconnection Under Rule 21 

Following a directive in the R.11-09-011 procedural schedule adopted by ALJ Bushey’s August 19, 2015 ruling, the investor-owned utilities have produced a webinar-style video laying out details of the Rule 21 application and review process for energy storage devices. 

October 1, 2015 Storage Load Follow-Up and Non-Export Workshop Presentations 

October 2, 2015 Expanded Pre-Application Report and Cost Guide
Workshop Presentations




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