Energy Efficiency Shareholder Incentive Mechanism

The Efficiency Savings and Performance Incentive (ESPI) mechanism was adopted on September 5, 2013 in D.13-09-023  The ESPI awards the Investor Owned UtiIities (IOUs) for performance in both non-resource and resource activities, as follows:

  1. Energy Efficiency Resource Savings:  A performance award for ex-ante locked down and ex-post verified net lifecycle resource programs (energy efficiency programs that are intended to achieve and report quantified energy savings) energy savings measured in MW, GWh and MMTh.
  2. Ex-Ante Review (EAR) Process Performance:  A performance award for IOUs ex-ante review conformance. Access EAR Performance scoring memos here (using login information under “Login Form”).
  3. Codes and Standards (C&S):  A management fee award for the IOUs advocacy of codes and standards.
  4. Non-Resource Programs:  A management fee award for implementing non-resource programs (an energy efficiency program that has no directly attributed energy saving but the programs supports the energy efficiency portfolio through activities such as marketing or improved access to training and education.)

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Guidelines for the 2019 AL submission

Final 2018 Uncertain Measure List  

1.a. 2017 Evaluated Savings Award

2. 2018 Ex Ante Review Performance

 2018 References

2018 ESPI (2016 ex-post, 2017 ex-ante) Resolution Draft

Guidelines for the 2018 AL Submission

2017 ESPI Earning Coefficients and Caps

Final 2017 Uncertain Measure List

1.  All reports and workbooks for 2018 ESPI awards

1.a. 2016 Ex-Post Savings Award

1.b.  2017 Ex-Ante Savings Award 

2.  2017 Ex-Ante Review Performance

3 & 4.  2017 Codes & Standards and Non-Resource Management Fee

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2017 ESPI (2015 ex-post, 2016 ex-ante) Resolution

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2016 ESPI Earning Coefficients and Caps

Final 2016 Uncertain Measure List

Final 2015 Uncertain Measure List

1.a. 2015 Ex-Post Savings Award

1.b. 2016 Ex-Ante Savings Award

2. 2016 Ex-Ante Review Performance

3 & 4. 2016 Codes & Standards and Non-Resource Management Fee

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2016 (2014 ex-post, 2015 ex-ante) ESPI Resolution

1.a. 2014 Ex-Post Savings Award

1.b. 2015 Ex-Ante ESPI Savings Award

2. 2015 Ex-Ante Review Performance

3 & 4. 2015 Codes & Standards and Non-Resource Management Fee

Guidelines for the 2016 AL Submission

2015 ESPI Earning Coefficients and Caps

Final 2015 Uncertain Measure List

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Legislative History

Rulemaking (R.) 12-01-005 – Incentive Mechanism – continued implementation of reforms to the incentive mechanism as a successor docket to R.09-01-019. Under this Rulemaking, the 2010-12 and 2013-14 incentive mechanisms were adopted in D.12-12-032 and D.13-09-023, respectively.

In D.11-12-036, the Commission adopted 2009 Incentive earnings awards.

In D.12-12-032, the Commission approved a 2010-12 incentive mechanism to award the utilities with a management fee equal to 5% of actual energy efficiency portfolio expenditures plus a performance bonus of up to an additional 1% of portfolio expenditures for conformance with the Commission-adopted ex ante review requirements.

The Commission closed R.12-01-005 with the approval of D.13-09-023.

R.09-01-019 - Risk/Reward Incentive Mechanism (RRIM) - In D.07-09-043, the Commission authorized a RRIM, under which utilities would be rewarded/penalized based on evaluated energy savings for the 2006-2008 and subsequent program cycles. See R.09-01-019 for all Commission decisions regarding incentive payments for the 2006-2008 program cycle and modifications to D.07-09-043.

Energy Division 2009 RRIM White Paper - Energy Division proposal for reworking the Risk Reward Incentive Mechanism established in D.07-09-043.

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