Smart Meters (also known as Advanced Metering Initiative)

Changes in how electricity is produced, delivered and consumed require ‘smarter’ power systems with secure, reliable communications capabilities.  

Advanced Meters, or Smart Meters, enable a utility to provide customers with detailed information about their energy usage at different times of the day, which in turn enables customers to better manage their energy use more proactively. Advanced Meters also allow for faster outage detection and restoration and help the environment by offering the opportunity to reduce the need to build power plants, or avoid the use of older, less efficient power plants as customers lower their electric demand.  

Information and Decisions on Smart Meters 

  • Independent Evaluation of PG&E Smart Meters by a contractor selected by the CPUC  


“Opting-Out” – Requesting to Not Have a Smart Meter

  • April 19, 2012, the CPUC approved analog meter options for SCE and SDG&E customers. Read our press release.  
  • Feb. 1, 2012, the CPUC approved analog meters for PG&E customers electing to opt-out of Smart Meter service. Read our press release.  
  • Sept. 14, 2011: Public Workshop on Opt-Out Requests, CPUC Auditorium  


Contact Your Utility about Opting-Out and Get Information on Smart Meters


Contact the CPUC to Provide Comments or File a Complaint

  • Comments: You may provide comment to the CPUC on proceedings by addressing them to our Public Advisor.  
  • Complaints: File a complaint with the CPUC's Consumer Affairs Branch. 


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