Division of Water and Audits

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) - Division of Water and Audits (DWA) investigates water and sewer system service quality issues, analyzes, and processes utility rate change requests. The CPUC works directly with utility management to track and certify compliance with CPUC requirements.

The CPUC is responsible for ensuring that California’s investor-owned water utilities deliver clean, safe, and reliable water to their customers at reasonable rates. There are 113 investor-owned water utilities under the CPUC’s jurisdiction providing water service to about 16 percent of California’s residents. Approximately 95 percent of that total is served by 9 large water utilities each serving more than 10,000 connections. Annual water and wastewater revenues under the CPUC’s regulation total $1.4 billion.

DWA provides auditing, accounting, financial and advisory services of regulated utilities and water public programs, and monitor compliance with laws and CPUC directives.  DWA performs research, analysis, and assessments and communicates the results to the CPUC and its staff, the regulated utilities, and the public.


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