CPUC Proceedings and Documents Related to GHG Cap-and-Trade

How to Receive Documents and Updates for a Proceeding

Any person may be on the “service list” for a proceeding, and that person will receive e-mails with all documents sent by the Commission, by parties participating in the proceeding, as well as notices of workshops or other events.

To add yourself to a service list, email Process_Office@cpuc.ca.gov and include the proceeding number, your name, title, organization, address, phone number, and e-mail.

The CPUC’s Public Advisor's Office provides procedural information and advice to individuals and groups who want to participate in formal proceedings.

Ongoing Proceedings

  • R.14-03-003  - Natural gas utility Cap-and-Trade issues.
    • Phase 1 established the cost recovery and procurement rules necessary for natural gas utilities to begin complying with the Cap-and-Trade Program as of January 1, 2015.
    • In Phase 2 of the proceeding, the Commission is currently considering outreach and education, how to introduce GHG costs into rates, and how allowance proceeds should be used to benefit customers, among other things.
  • A.13-08-026, et al. - Long-term GHG outreach activities
    Develops customer education and outreach activities for 2015 and later years related to the return of GHG allowance proceeds to residential, small business, and emissions-intensive and trade-exposed electric customers.


  • D.15-03-019  as corrected by D.15-04-005 and D.15-04-036 - Adopts SDG&E’s forecast of 2015 GHG costs and allowance proceeds, and adopts the Climate Credit that will be applied to bills after April 2015.
  • D.15-02-006 - Adopts PacifiCorp’s forecast of 2015 GHG costs and allowance proceeds, and adopts the 2015 Climate Credit amounts.
  • D.15-02-005  - Adopts SCE’s forecast of 2015 GHG costs and allowance proceeds, and adopts the 2015 Climate Credit amounts.
  • D.14-12-037 as modified by D.15-08-006 - Adopts formulas and methodologies to distribute allowance proceeds to emissions-intensive and trade-exposed customers.
  • D.14-12-040  - Adopts a settlement agreement between Pacific Gas and Electric Company, the Office of Ratepayer Advocates, Southern California Gas Company, San Diego Gas & Electric Company, and Southwest Gas Company regarding policies, programs, rules, and tariffs necessary for natural gas utilities to comply with the Cap-and-Trade Program.
  • D.14-12-054  - Adopts PG&E’s forecast of 2015 GHG costs and allowance proceeds, and adopts the 2015 Climate Credit amounts.
  • D.14-12-047 as corrected by D.15-01-056 - Adopts Liberty Utilities’ forecast of 2015 GHG costs and allowance proceeds, and adopts the 2015 Climate Credit amounts.
  • D.14-10-033  as corrected by D.14-10-055  and D.15-01-024 - Sets the procedures for the electric utilities to file forecast applications of GHG costs and allowance proceeds. Directs the electric utilities to combine these forecasts with their respective Energy Resource Recovery Account (ERRA) or Energy Cost Adjustment Clause (ECAC) applications. Developed the following utility reporting templates:  
  • D.14-02-003 - Authorizes a study to identify additional industrial sectors at risk of emission leakage. As described in D.14-12-037, the Commission does not currently have budget authority to conduct this study.
  • D.14-01-012 - Authorizes flexibility to set the name of what is now the California Climate Credit.
  • D.13-12-041 - Adopts forecasts of GHG cost and allowance proceeds that utilities will include in 2014 electricity rates, and approves the 2014 residential Climate Credit amounts.
  • D.13-12-003 - Approves electric utilities' GHG Cap-and-Trade Implementation Plans (required by D.12-12-033)
  • D.13-12-002 - Approves the formula that electric utilities will use to distribute GHG allowance proceeds to small businesses.
  • D.12-12-033 - Establishes policy principles and overall rules about how Cap-and-trade-related costs and allowance proceeds should affect electricity customers. Establishes the California Climate Credit.
  • D.12-04-046 - Establishes procurement rules about how electric utilities comply with Cap-and-Trade (formulas available in Appendix 1).

Resolutions and Energy Division Letters

  • Res. E-4716 - Establishes Implementation Details for Five Electric Utilities to Provide CA Industry Assistance to Emissions-Intensive and Trade-Exposed Customers.
  • Res. E-4611 - Rejects 2013 utility outreach and education plans, and redirects funds to a neutral non-profit entity to coordinate outreach and education with Energy Upgrade California.
  • Energy Division Letters:
    • Establishing the name of the California Climate Credit; and
    • Establishing the dates when electric utilities will begin introducing GHG pollution costs in rates and returning allowance revenues to customers.

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