Instructions for new registered ESPs and CCAs

LSEs and CCAs that serve retail load (such as IOUs, CCAs, and ESPs) are required to comply with the Commission's Resource Adequacy (RA) program.

Current RA program rules specify that LSEs and CCAs serving retail load in California submit RA filings and other information to the CEC, CAISO, and CPUC according to the schedule laid out in the current RA program guide. This in general means that LSEs and CCAs must submit forecasts of load two months before the month of serving load, and RA Filings that specify what capacity will be used to meet their RA obligations one month before serving retail load. ESPs and CCAs new to California must contact the CPUC and CEC to determine filing requirements and receive appropriate instructions. Please see the current year RA compliance materials for detailed instructions regarding RA filings.

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