Rulemaking 17-06-024, June 29, 2017


Order Instituting Rulemaking Evaluating the Commission’s 2010 Water Action Plan Objective of Achieving Consistency between Class A Water Utilities’ Low-Income Rate Assistance Programs, Providing Rate Assistance to All Low – Income Customers of Investor-Owned Water Utilities, and Affordability.


With this OIR, the California Public Utilites Commission (Commision) begins a review of the low-income rate assistance programs of the Class A water utilities under the Commission's jurisdiction to assess the feasibility of achieving program consistency across the Class A water utilities. In addition, the Commission will investigate assistance to low-income customers of the Class B, C, and D water utilities. The Commission also will consider water affordability, and whether other public revenue sources within and outside of our jurisdiction can be generated to contribute to affordability, including potential revenue from bottled water. This will involve working with the State Water Resources Control Board on affordability, including pooling and consolidation opportunities.

The proceeding will include two initial phases that will have separate scoping memos.  

In this OIR, we seek initial comments to assist the Commission in: 

      (1) better understanding the differences between the Class A water utilities’ low-income rate programs;

      (2) evaluating whether consistency between the Class A water utilities’ low-income rate programs is feasible; if so,

      (3) how such consistency can be attained;

      (4) assessing whether other water companies meetthe definition of a public utility under the Commission’s jurisdiction; and

      (5) examining issues concerning affordability of clean, safe drinking water for low-income and disadvantaged communities, including greater pooling and consolidation.


 Information and determinations from this proceeding shall inform the Commission on follow-up proceedings on related issues to be adopted at a later date.



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