General Order 166 Reports

Decision 98-07-097 established standards for emergency and disaster response, within GO 166.  This General Order was adopted by the CPUC on July 23, 1998, and applies to all electric utilities that come within the jurisdiction of the CPUC. On May 15, 2014, Decision 14-05-020 was the latest decision to revise GO 166. GO 166 requires each utility to submit to the CPUC an annual report showing compliance with the standards described in this general order, no later than October 31st every year. 

Standards for Operation, Reliability, and Safety During Emergencies and Disasters

Utilities must establish and follow an Emergency Response Plan as well as comply with the 13 Standards described in GO 166. Since July 23, 1998, electric utilities are required to submit an annual report summarizing changes to their Emergency Response Plan and compliance with this general order for the previous twelve months ending June 30.

Click on a link below to access the desired report that contains an Emergency Response Plan for the previous twelve months ending June 30, 2019.

For archived reports, please send a request to the CPUC Legal Division.

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